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Travel Insurance Tips

Always buy travel insurance as it guards your family and provides a hassle free travel experience.

• Always go for an adequate insurance cover depending on your travel destination, health, climate and medical care costs applicable there.

• Ensure your travel insurance covers your entire trip and activities you plan to take up.

• Travel insurance is a contract, so thoroughly read the product disclosure statement and ensure you understand the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy cover.

• Ensure you reveal any pre-existing medical conditions in the policy. Failure to do so may nullify coverage.

• Always carry original insurance policy kit during travel.

• Make sure you keep claim assistance numbers saved in your mobile while travelling.

• Always declare and submit medical reports if asked by insurance company for smooth claim settlement.


Q. Why do I need a travel insurance policy?

A. A travel insurance policy provides you medical, financial and other assistance in case of any emergency incident while traveling abroad. In case you are hospitalised, require medical aid or diagnostic tests, the policy will cover expenses up to the maximum amount mentioned in it.

Q. How can I buy travel insurance?

A. Travel insurance can be purchased online or else you can contact us for assistance.

Q. What is the age limit and criteria of purchasing a travel policy?

A. Travel insurance can be granted to anyone between the age of 6 months and 90 years subject to medical reports wherever required.

Q. What if I want to cancel my insurance policy?

A. You can cancel your insurance policy within 14 days of purchasing it. (T&C Apply as per insurance company) Once you have started your journey, it cannot be cancelled. The Czech Republic, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian and French policies cannot be cancelled as they come with non-refundable clause.